Top 5 movies of 2010

From all the hype being created this year by the A team, the expendables, knight and day and the losers thanks to the heavy cast resembled in every each of those movies. Red is a movie about a group of high tech assassins named red (retired extremely dangerous) .Bruce Willis plays as usual the tough man with little talk and more action. Helen mire and john malkovich are funny in some of the scenes. Overall it’s an enjoyable popcorn movie.
Despicable me
Though this movie was intended for children. It will attract adults as well with its tongue n check humor. The plot is about two robbers trying to attempt a bigger impact by stealing moon. How ridiculous and funny is that for an idea. From the beginning it picks up the pace and never lets you bored. Steve carrel has done a good job by giving very funny voice to the character GRU. Overall it’s a fun movie.
Robin Hood:
If only it had its title changed to like ‘the making of robin hood’. It had been more successful. Lots of viewers mixed it with the usual Robin Hood stories everybody is been hearing from childhood. With a lot of fun and humor involving in it. This was in fact a more serious movie portraying on how actually robin long stride became Robin Hood the prince of thieves. Plus the cast was not cleverly picked. Russell Crowe and cite Blanchet were a little too old for playing robin and Marion. Other than that it was a pretty decent movie.
Black swan
This movie was hauntingly amazing. Darren afro sky will capture your attention with a dark ambience. The music for this movie was outstanding. Natalie Portman has given her career best showing a different side. Mile kumis was outstanding as well.
The town
Been Affleck has made a statement to the other directors out there that he means business here not deviating much from the Boston based gangster theme from his previous venture which was also equally a hit gone baby gone. the town is a Boston based heist story of bank robbers pulling out one last job .All the characters have done justice to their tale.