Do you realize that not that many years ago no one really cared about celebrities? Oh sure, everyone knew who the big movie stars were, and if someone like Frank Sinatra was out and about he’d be asked for an autograph or two, but he’d never be followed and hounded like celebrities are now. But why are celebrities something we seem to be more focused on now? What has changed so much in the past fifty years or so that makes us so much more enthralled to follow the on-goings of celebrities than ever before?

Our Celebrity Addiction
There have actually been a number of things that have changed, and when you put all of them together, it’s no wonder that we’ve become a celebrity-obsessed culture. To begin with there is the fact that we no longer have to work as hard as we used to. Technology has come along and has made life much easier. We don’t have to spend hours every day tending our garden or even doing household chores like washing clothes. What used to take a long time now takes only minutes, or is done automatically. Every person who does the laundry in their home knows how it feels to constantly have to be loading the wash, can you imagine what it was like when everything was done by hand? Now, however, we have much more free time on our hands, and many people fill that free time by watching shows or by reading magazines, all of which feature celebrities.
Technology has also helped our celebrity addiction in another way: the internet. The only way we used to be able to learn about celebrities was through magazines like The Enquirer, which only came out once a week. Now you simply have to turn on your computer and to direct your browser to the right website and you’ll have all of the latest gossip on the celebrity of your choice. There are even celebrity-specific websites whose webmasters do nothing more than to follow the news on that specific celebrity.

Times have definitely changed, and from the advent of washing machines and other household items that make living life easier, to digital cameras that allow the paparazzi to get pictures of a celebrity ready to print in just seconds, it’s no wonder that we’ve become the type of celebrity obsessed culture that we are now.